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Master List: SPN "This Christmas Day" 'verse

They were starting to take over the other list.

AU. Splits from canon somewhere in mid-season 2, not exactly sure where, but definitely before "Night Shifter" and the ensuing legal difficulties. (Some people/events not directly related to the Yellow Eyes storyline may still appear.)

In this 'verse, Cold Oak never happened. Sam and Dean managed to kill Yellow Eyes on their own in a couple of more years, with Dean injured in the last fight.

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SPN: "Misericordia"

Category: Supernatural
Title: Misericordia
Word Count: 4300
Rating: PG-13 (language)

Summary: Post-finale. Three generations of Winchester madness stop here.

Note: Okay, I should have never said never about post-10.03 fic. Mea culpa. Fucking traitorous plotbunnies.

And before you get riled, this is me doing what I do: Taking something I noticed in an ep and beating the shit out of it with the "what if" stick until a story results. If you have read any of my stuff, you know how that usually goes. Prepare yourself accordingly.

At the very least, don't tell me you're burning me in effigy. Manners, people.

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